Contact us

You can contact us at If you or someone you personally know are a civilian victim of military action, we would highly appreciate it if you send us your story. Please include the following:

– Information about the victim: full name, place of residence, age, and marital status.

– At least one living photograph of the victim.

– Date of injury/mortality.

– As much personal information about the victim as possible: his/her ambitions, education, profession, family, lifestyle, social activity, things he/she used to say, hobbies, any remarkable achievements, and what they were doing when the injury/mortality took place.

– Condition of the victim now if they are still alive. If not: condition of his/her family and loved ones.

– Your contact information. This will be helpful for our readers in order to contact you for verification or support.

Best regards,

The Collateral Damage team.

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