A litmus test for hate

I hate sounding divisive. Division is truly the last thing we need at this time, which is exactly why I need to call out hate and name it for what it is. Hate divides. Being anti-hate is being anti-division.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s this Navy SEAL dude accused of all sorts of war crimes by his commanders who is now finally, after years of Navy officials trying to conceal his crimes and shut down his accusers, facing some criminal charges. If the accusations are true, they not only reveal a spectacular amount of hate, but also a particularly cowardly person: stabbing a wounded, beaten teenager who is tied up, sniping women, children, and elderly people from a distant hideout, firing a machine gun onto homes from a safe distance.. Stuff that no person of courage would do, but that’s beside the point.

I’m talking about all the people who are coming to his defense. The 40 congressmen, the people who donated all the money, and the news outlets that keep coverage of his case alive to rile up his supporters. I’m talking about them, and I’m calling them out as the hateful bigots that they are.

They will give you the familiar line of “He’s innocent”, but what they mean by that line is not that he didn’t commit war crimes, they mean that killing Muslims willy nilly is essentially okay. They have absolutely no problem with it and they condone it wholeheartedly. They resent the fact that anyone would have to face consequences for what they feel is a no biggie.

How do I know? Easy. It’s the simple fact that this case is gaining traction and getting lots of support. Had it been about someone unrightfully accused of a crime, it would have had a limited number of interested parties and garnered little news coverage. After all, there are hundreds of cases of this nature in the US legal system.

No – this case is a culture war item, and the General’s supporters are making a political statement. It’s the statement that standing by the troops means being ok with war crimes. It’s the statement that Muslims are, at least right now, legal game for any deformed individual who gets off on killing people.

So next time you see those “supporters” with their false compassion and their purported call for “justice” and “fairness”, know them for what they are. They don’t know justice. They don’t care about fairness. They’re incapable of compassion. They are the embodiment of seething hate – the kind of hate that takes away all hesitation to kill entire civilian families with no remorse.