Update on our status (if you even care..)

Yeah, we started off pretty excited, and we still are, but we decided to be excited about something slightly different. You see, our initial idea was to get people to send us information about their loved ones who were killed or injured and dubbed “collateral damage” or “civilian casualties”. As it turned out, this required lots of connections on the ground all over the globe. It required way more time and effort than we can currently spend.

Meanwhile, we had a blog that we’re paying for but not even using! I know: how cute, right? So while we’re working on the front of getting the stories of people out there for everyone to see, we’ll be utilizing our domain and webpage to speak our minds. We’ll talk about sociology, psychology, economics, and as much as I hate to say it, politics.

Stick around and subscribe to our RSS feed. Thank God for the internet(s), where we can say cool things and totally conceal how incredibly lame we are in person.